August Board Meeting Minutes

Nutmeg Division, NMRA, Board Meeting Minutes

August 10th, 2013


Meeting called to order by James Mayo.


Present: James Mayo, Peter Tierinni, Ron Pelletier, Peter Luchini, David Abrames and Bob Welk.


Treasurer's Report: Account balance $860.73 as of 8/9/13.  James Mayo is working with the IRS to reinstate the tax exempt status of the Nutmeg Division.


Website update: David Abrames and Ron Pelletier are still working on the email list for the website.


Topics Discussed


Nutmeg Division promotional flyers (which presently do not exist) need to be designed and the printed in bulk.  The idea is to put these on the promotion tables at train shows.  Every member of the division should be encouraged to take copies of the flyer to any and all train shows that they attend.  David Abrames and Ron Pelletier will design and print the flyers.


The CVH layout project is moving forward and needs volunteers.  To promote this, Tim Deneir will provide the requirements to Ron Pelletier so that he can send an e-mail message with the information out to the members of the Nutmeg Division..


Articles for the newsletter sent to Ron Pelletier as soon as possible.  The newsletter goes out at the end of the month.  Pictures (if any) presently will not show up in the website version, but should be available in the PDF version that is located at the end of the newsletter.


Bill Bouchelle is working on a clinic (Branchline cars) to be scheduled for early next year.  John Williams is doing the same on a project (control boards) that he has been working on.


James Mayo will check with Ken May and see if he will bring his switching layout to the December membership meeting.  If so, James Mayo will ask the Wethersfield Girl Scouts if they would like to attend the membership meeting.


The next meeting will be October 12th 2013, details to follow.


Meeting adjourned by James Mayo.