June 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Nutmeg Division, NMRA, Board Meeting Minutes

June 8th, 2013


Meeting called to order: by James Mayo.


Present: James Mayo, Douglas Henley, Peter Tierinni, Ron Pelletier, Peter Luchini, Fred Wintsch.


Treasurer's Report: Account balance $1100.73 as of 6/8/13.


Website update: David Abrames and Ron Pelletier are still working on putting the news letter on the website, email list is being worked on.


Topics Discussed


Joint meeting with the Little Rhody Division, possible at the CT Trolley Museum. James will communicate with Little Rhody on the issue.


New Logo, up for vote by the December meeting, announce at the August meeting.


A raffle will be held at the August meeting for the remainder of the Nutmeg Division merchandise. Tickets for the raffle will be $1.00 each, winners to pick items and draw next ticket. James to administer.


Nutmeg Division patched will be handed out to the membership


Next meeting (August 10th) content, Jim Swietzer will present his Train Order 101 clinic and John Sacredote will open his layout for a visit. Peter Luchini will make arrangements for one additional clinic.


The idea was put out to have either off month activities and / or a travel meeting.


Meeting adjourned by James Mayo.