April 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Nutmeg Division, NMRA, Board Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2013


Meeting called to order: by James Mayo.


Present: James Mayo, Douglas Henley, Peter Tierinni, David Abrames, Ron Pelletier


Treasurer's Report: Account balance $460.73 as of 4/13/13.


Website report: Work on putting the newsletter on the website continues. Notice and / or changes update in about 24 hours. The events section is for external division activities. There is a forum section for board members. Board members / Directors to schedule a webinar.


Topics Discussed:


New logo, it has been observed that is several different formats, the current logo looks like a green blob. The current logo was designed for business cards and letterheads, and looks good in that format. So what is decided that we should have the membership come up with a new logo. we will have a contest, membership will vote on the new logo and the winning design gets a free t-shirt or a gift certificate.


Douglas Henley will continue working with the Lutz Museum and Xavier H.S.


When the schedule gets to the winter season, we should have back up dates for the membership meetings. The meeting should be rescheduled within two weeks, Wethersfield Library as a possible backup location.


Ron Pelletier will look into radio and television cancellation communications.


Peter Tierinni will arrange a guest vendor for the next meeting.


Ron Pelletier will switch to instant coffee, making set up and cleanup one step shorter.


Meeting adjourned by James Mayo.