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Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 7:30pm

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Meeting Minutes: 

Nutmeg Division, NMRA, Board Meeting Minutes
April 19, 2012

Meeting called to order at: 7:30 pm by Fred Wintsch.

Present: Fred Wintsch, James Mayo, Bob Welk, David Abrammes, Ron Pellittier

Absent: Douglas Henley, Frank Garitta

Secretary's Report: None available.

Treasurer's Report: Account balance $1099.63 as of 4/19/12.

Communication Report: Since the last communication report we had an additional 3 NEW MEMBERS and 2 RE-RAIL MEMBERS.

The March National Membership List indicates that since they have been keeping records there are 504 inactive / withdrawn members.  The inactive members are members that are more than 60 days past due on renewing their membership.  Of the 504 members there are 35 members that have withdrawn.

Of the 16 new members in the last two months of reports (but only one month of review) I have contacted 4 of them (one of them I left a voice mail, no response yet) welcoming them to the Nutmeg Division and the NMRA.  I hope to contact the remaining new members in the next week or so.

Presently, when I send out the meeting notices and the Nutmeg Division’s newsletter “The Flyer”, there are 385 different e-mail addresses that are sent the information.

I continue to call the members that I have a recorded birth date to wish them a Happy Birthday and many are very happy that I called.

Topics Discussed:
1) General Membership meetings are scheduled as follows
    a) Wednesday May 9th and Saturday May 13, at the Wethersfield police station.
    b) Saturday June 9th at the Wethersfield police station.  No Wednesday meeting as they are already booked
    c) In place of a general membership meeting(s) there will be picnic at the     Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Willimantic, Ct. Bring your own lunch     and it is requested that refreshments be purchased at the museum. The Nutmeg     Division will be donating $50.00 to the museum.
    d) The August meeting will be at the Steaming Tender Restaurant, date to be     determined.
    e) The September meeting will be suspended due to conflict with the regional     convention.
2) There has been discussion among the membership for a round robin group to be formed to develop and enhance modeling skills, with a goal of developing MMR's. The board endorses this idea and will search for a member to co-ordinate this.

3) T-shirts as a fund raising item. The current vendor has lost interest, so David Abrammes will investigate and develop a do it ourself option.

4) The modular group will be working on new specifications, and will be using our website to distribute and communicate.

5) Layout visit issues per Dick Green. It has been determined by the board that the addresses for the layout will be distributed at the general membership meetings. Photos from layout tours need permission and approval to be posted on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50.