June Board Meeting Minutes

Nutmeg Division, NMRA, Board Meeting Minutes June 14, 2014 Meeting called to order at: 12:15 pm by James Mayo Present: James Mayo, Douglas Henley, Ron Pelletier, Dave Abrames, Greg Lane, Carl Liba and peter Luchini Secretary's Report: None available. Treasurer's Report: Account balance $1161.53 as of 6.14.14 Topics Discussed: New logo, after the vote tally, there was no clear favorite among the membership. The Board decided that the three top vote getters will gathered and a final vote will be conducted at the August meeting. Releases will be required from the authors of the top three entries before the August meeting. James Mayo to is going to put the “forms” together and Ron Pelletier will forward these for completion. Peter Luchini is working on scheduling clinics for the August meeting. Volunteers for presenting clinics should contact Peter directly. Greg Lane is now the point person for layout visits. If you have a layout to present or know of a layout owner that would be willing to host us for a visit, contact Greg. David Abrames reports that the Nutmeg Division website is running well and is secure. Meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm.