April General Membership Meeting

Start Date & Time: 

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 9:00am

Meeting Location: 

Danbury Railway Museum 120 White St. Danbury, Ct.

Handicapped accessible: 



On April 12, 2014, the Nutmeg Division of the NMRA is planning a special meeting to be held at the

Proposed agenda for the Membership meeting at the Danbury Railway museum visit, on April 12, 2014 (second Saturday)


Social Time:

General Announcements:

"Fan Trip" begins

Bob Van Cleef MMR will be presenting a clinic on turntables in general presented in a restored passenger car or a Budd car

Brief history and evolution of the Turntable including pictures of the operational turntables in
Willimantic, CT

There will be a short rail trip to visit the turntable featuring a 360 spin on the table

At this point this will basically be end of formal meeting


- ??? The museum building and grounds will be open for visitors to roam the grounds.

Climb on and around the turntable, special arrangements have been made for those who wish to climb down into the pit and see the insides close up from the mouse hole.  There may not much to see but those who want to may take a look.

Bring your camera and see the following

A beautifully restored RPO car

A 12" = 1' scale water tower kit.

Tour several pieces of equipment under restoration: vintage F units etc. several other pieces of equipment.

The Metro North Railroad circles the museum grounds.  Also, more trains.

This date will be the first for the "BUNNY TRAIN" so mothers can bring their children for a special ride. These trains will circle the yard but will not stop within the turntable area.


Please remember to walk carefully within the museum and remember to step over (not on) all rails.

Admission to this event will be free, but there is a donation box (for the museum) inside and to the right of the entrance.

There are several restaurants in the area for lunch.

Unfortunately this will not be a handicapped friendly tour and not all parts will be accessible.

Visit http://www.danbury.org/drm/index.htm for more information about the museum


1) Events will be a bit later to allow time for people to travel the extra distance to

2) Space and location for models, White elephant other displays and coffee will depend on the number of people attending and equipment we select.  We will have the choice of "Birthday room, coach or RDC.

3) We will have the option of a repeat clinic should too many people plan to attend.